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When we left off, I went in search for food- one of the main things that I love about Tokyo is how walkable it is. Aside from some main thoroughfares, most of the streets here are more like alleys, many of them having shops or restaurants lining them. Asakusabashi train station is a stone’s throw from my hotel — you can hear the train announcements from the outdoor stairwell on my floor. It’s an elevated train line running east/west and on the ground floor there’s various restaurants, etc.

Unfortunately, because I got in on a Sunday, most of these were closed even at 7pm or so- my theory is that they cater to the commuter crowd, and so will be open tonight. I ended up stopping by one of the shops that were open — a takeout sushi place that sold sushi sets like you’d see at your grocery store sushi cooler. Not what I went out to find, but it was still mighty tasty.

Jetlag hasn’t been too bad. I forced myself to stay up till about 9pm last night after not sleeping at all on the plane or the bus into town. Woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 1am, but was able to get some more sleep later.

A few introductory pictures coming soon once they are done uploading.

In Japan

Currently: Jetlagged and watching Sumo on NHK.

The flight went fine — I had the other seat in my row empty, which is always a nice bonus. Aside from a few non-fatal hiccups, the rest of my trip after that — acquiring Yen, sending my luggage on to my school, getting a bus ticket, and getting to my hotel — went more or less according to plan.

Being able to send my luggage (2 ~50lb suitcases) halfway across Japan for about $40 total still blows my mind, I have to say.

Okay, off to try to find ramen or something equally tasty in order to stave off tiredness for another few hours.